Belize Diving Services

Famous: Corals, Big Fish
Dive Type: Boat Dive
Address: Belize Diving Services, P.O. Box #20, Caye Caulker, Belize
Phone: +1 888 869 0233 (US), +501 226 0143

OzDive Comment:
BDS is a very well organized dive shop with equipment in good condition and a spacious boat with great dive guides. Be warned, Caye Caulker is a tourist (backpacker) place with lots of (shady) tourist offerings and trips that seem to be good on paper but might end up in a bad surprise. I used TripAdvisor and was not disappointed at all – BDS is not a super cheap dive shop but a quality one. During the trip, the guides split up the group in beginners (less than 25 dives, max 24m depth) and experienced divers (more than 25 dives, max 42m depth) for the Blue Hole. That allowed us to enjoy the full spectrum of the dive down to the stalactites. Our guide even found one nudibranch after we asked him to find one (strangely not many to see here). Food and drinks were served, including breakfast. The owner even allowed me to grab some gear to test my camera before the dive day. Too easy, great dive shop, great boat spacious and comfy enough for a 2h boat ride each way.

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